Friday, July 23, 2010

Continent Boxes

This is what our Continent Boxes look like, nothing fancy, just two sets of 4 drawer units that sit on top of our bookcase. They are up high so Wombat doesn't get into them again :)

At the moment they are missing half their labels as Wombat got into them when they were down lower! I made labels which have the name of the continent and a world map showing the continent. The colours of the labels match the colours of the continents on our felt world map.
Download the labels to match our felt map OR
Download the labels in Montessori Continent Colours.
As I add to them you will be able to click on the names below and see what we have in our boxes.
Australasia (Australia and New Zealand)
Asia (Japan)
North America
South America
For more details about Continent Boxes see here

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  1. What a great idea this is! I've never seen it before and will be watching to see what you add to the continent boxes. Thanks a bunch for listing my blog among your faves--I'm honored! You have a beautiful family : )