Monday, October 12, 2009

Waiting Station

In her book Sue talks about having a "wait" centre. We decided to call it a Waiting Station. I printed up a sign and stuck it on coloured cardboard and laminated it. Then folded it in half - this is our waiting station. Straight after the table in the dining room is cleared from breakfast the sign goes on the table with the days activity and it is becoming a sign that it is time for school. The activity is just something simple that the kids can do while they are waiting for group time or waiting on mum for a 'work with mum' box

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If you would like to download my sign here is a link to download it from HS Launch. I printed two copies and stuck one each side of an A4 sheet of coloured paper and then laminated it and folded it in half.


  1. Very clever idea! Thanks for posting it-I am off to check out your sign-blessings,
    What's in the Box?