Monday, October 12, 2009

First day Back

We survived the first day - I had too much planned in Zebra and Duckie's boxes (there are 16 boxes on the schedule strip and I had all of them full plus had extra to add in!) and not enough in the box for Bunny. We had an extra child today - I am babysitting another child for a couple of weeks 4 days a week so we will see how this goes. It was good that Monkey had someone to play with this helped her to settle a bit.

The good bits
  • We acchieved more today than we have in a long time.
  • The kids were eager to get through it and completed most of it.
  • There was lots of learning happening in the "fun" bits.
  • No complaints of are we done yet, I'm bored.

The bits to improve

  • Needed to plan less for the older girls.
  • Bit all over the place and needing mum at the wrong times. Need to plan maybe blocks of time to work with each child.
  • Took too long - i like to be all finished before lunch and today there was still work to be completed after lunch. Not sure if this is unrealistic seeing as there are now 4 children schooling and they all need a lot of mum time.

So what was in the boxes.

What's in the box for Zebra (9)

#s- calender

#1 Review Maths Facts 8+ from here at Home Grown Hearts

#2 Maths-U-See watch DVD and complete 1 worksheet

#s - French Weather

#s - Memory Verse

Waiting Station until Group Time

#3 - Thrass handwriting

#4 - Copy work

#s - Memory verse

#5 - Map of China and Chinese flag to go in Lapbook from our Read-a-loud book/Theme

#6 - Reader

#7 - Outside break I used the cards from here and put in the skipping one.

#s - Memory Verse

#s - Cami Maths Program. (15-20 min on the computer)

Plus She also joined in Duckies activities (after lunch) for learning about the rainbow.

What's in the box for Duckie (7)

#s - calender

#1 - review of writing out the numbers 0-20

#s - French Weather

#s - Memory Verse

#2 - Reader

#3 - Copy work - sentence from reader

Waiting Station until Group Time

#4 - Maths-U-See

#5 - Thrass Handwriting

#s - Memory Verse

#6 - Map of China and Chinese Flag

#s - Outside Break -

#s - Memory Verse

#7 - Unit study Rainbows - read book with mum and do ROYGBIV minibook

#s - Cami Maths.

What's in the box for Bunny (5)

I couldn't find a lot of her stuff - has not got unpacked yet from the move so didn't plan out a full schedule for her today, infact I only had 2 things on her schedule.

#s - calender

#1 ride on bike card she spent a lot longer than the 10min allocated but today that did not matter. After group time she had some lapbook bits to work on for her FIAR book - The story about Ping.

What's in the box for the littlies

Monkey (3) and Visitor (4) did cutting with scissors and then stuck all the bit onto a piece of contact which they then stuck onto a large piece of paper. Lots of outside time, teaset play, coloured in a map and flag for China and a picture for lapbook on Ping.

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