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Wanting to learn more about Sonlight or looking for more things to add into your Sonlight journey? 

We have been using Sonlight for the past 5 years.  We kinda follow the Instructors Guide but somehow it just takes us a while to get through it all :)  We just have to keep going off on Rabbit Trails!!  Each of the links below will take you to my main blog post for each program.  These are a work in progress as we go through the programs again and again with each child.

Core Programs

P 3/4 Fiction, Fairy Stories and Fun for Little Learners

P4/5 Exploring God's World (Used to be called PK)

Core A  Introduction to World Cultures

Core B Intro to World History part 1

Language Arts Programs

P4/5 - Language Arts

Language Arts K - Sounds, Letters and Easy Words (Readers K)

 - Beginning to Read (Readers 1)

Language Arts 2 - Reading with Easy Readers - (Readers 2 Regular)

Science Programs

Science P4/5

Science K

Science 1

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Sonlight Blog

Homeschool Q & A - blog by Judy Wnuk who is a homeschooling mom she also serves as a moderator on the offical Sonlight forums.