Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tt is for Turtle

We are spending one morning a week with another family and doing a “theme” day around the alphabet.  This week was letter T.  We used the turtle theme from Confessions of a homeschooler

To make it more Australian we also read Yakkinn the Swamp Tortoise – the most dangerous year.  This follows the first year in the life of an endangered tortoise.  We  really enjoyed the pictures (the illustrations have an aboriginal theme to them) the story was well written and we will be looking for the next book.  I want to add this one to our personal library!

The girls illustrated the book by making pictures depicting the seasons as shown in the book. 


We made turtles out of collected gum nuts.


We had turtle bread for lunch – each child making their own turtle out of bread dough.

We had fruit turtles for afternoon tea.


Turtle FUN!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Font Fun

I found this amazing website with lots and lots of free fonts and they will make a font for you using your handwriting - how cool is that!!

Fonts for Peas

Looking for dot fonts - to make handwriting sheets - this is so hard as they all want you to pay for the font!

Handwriting Worksheet maker lets you make worksheets using dot handwring.

There are hundreds of free fonts at 1001 fonts -

Miss Olsen's ClassroomFonts 1.0 is a dot font (you might have to scroll down the link to find it)