Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sonlight Surprise–One and Zero by Kathryn Otoshi

I found a surprise in my mail box today.  A parcel from Sonlight.  But  I already have the new catalogue and I didn’t order anything.  Inside was a book …

and a letter explaining my special gift from Sarita Holzmann president of Sonlight Curriculum.

The book is two books in one – one side is One by Kathryn Otoshi and the other side is Zero by Kathryn Otoshi.


I had never read these books before or heard of the author but as soon as I opened the  books I was impressed.  The pages are clear with simple illustrations, simple number concepts and colours but such a deep message.  One deals with bullying and standing up to a bully.  Zero deals with the fact that we all are important we just need to find our value.  I had some quiet time today with only my “baby” home, something that rarely happens so before he went to sleep we read the book together.  He loved it.  Wombat is 2 1/2 with developmental delay and Hypermobility Syndrome.  It was good to see him pointing to the pictures, the simpleness of them seemed to appeal to him.  Next week  I am going to read it to the older girls and see what they think.  For me it has joined my book list of favourite books.

I was also impressed with the fact that Sonlight has done it again.  I did not have to do anything to get this book.  It arrived a complete surprise.  A gift to me.  What other company does this sort of thing?  Especially to overseas customers?  We are in Australia and so many times any specials offered by many companies are sent to those in the US only. How many companies send you a gift for faithful business. A gift to help you encourage your children in being able “to step up into the roles God has called them to”*

Thank you Sarita and John.  Sonlight has made a difference in our homeschooling journey and I appreciate the work that you do, supporting me in homeschooling and in providing such great books for us to read together. 


* (quoted from the letter accompanying the book from Sarita Holzmann)



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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Become a Charlotte Mason Teacher

I was sent a link to the blog ChildlightUSA and in particular the post on becoming a Charlotte Mason teacher.  I recommend reading this post if you are thinking about using Charlotte Mason’s principles in your homeschool journey.

I will be adding this blog to my list of favourites to read. Enjoy Smile