Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Australian History Study

I Love Sonlight and FIAR but neither has a huge lot on Australian History so here is the beginning of my Australian History Study. I am using the book Our Sunburnt Country by Arthur Baillie as the spine for the study and supplementing as we go through it. I expect to do this a few times over the years going into more detail each time as the kids get older, so once again this page will be a work in progress.

Downunder Literature sells a resource called Australian Book Traveller which is similar to FIAR except these books will help you travel around Australia. I really would love to get this as I think it will fit perfectly into what we are already doing. They also have a free timeline of Australian history to download.

Australian Maps to download

Very basic one here to fill in and label

Map and Quiz

Map Puzzle here (this is a computer game)

Australian Flag

Here and here or at Homeschool Share

Downunder Literature has a Flag Lapbook

Australian Resources at Homeschool Share

Looking for Tot School ideas to explore Australia while the bigger kids study it?

This post @ Creativity Abounds has some fantastic ideas.

Our Sunburnt Country Unit Study

Chapter One

Lots of links here about the dream time

Stories of the Dreaming listen to stories from the different states of Australia.

More online audio stories here and here. Bunyip stories here

More about the dreaming here this site also leads to more links such as tools and technology which is another topic covered in Ch 1

Rabbit Trails - Look at other stories about Creation from around the world. More links here and here


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and linking to me. I am off to check out the rest of your blog.

  2. Hi again! Here is also a great place to get timeline figures.