Monday, February 8, 2010

i-pod Listening to the Bible

I love our ipod - We really need more than one for use in our school. Everything that can goes on the ipod for the girls to listen to (and yes it goes in our workboxes!). I have found it helpful for listening to times tables, handwriting sequence and many other things and now we have added listening to the bible. I have used this site to download the bible. It is the KJV which I personally really like. It then gets copied to the ipod and listened to. We are going to start listening to it during breakfast time again as we have let the daily reading slip and it really is time to pull this habit back into our routine.

In the past I have set it up on the computer and the girls have listened to the sunday school story of the week from the bible chapter.

Any other uses for ipods or bible audios in daily life would be appreciated. How do you use it?


  1. We too use the Audio Bible on the ipod dock. There is another podcast that I have my older girls ( 14 & 12) called Grammar Girl. has a ton of classics to download for free too. Many of the old public domain books that are on and I've use several old history stories to go along with the time period we are studying.

  2. Thanks for these links Marni, looks great. I just found the whole of Alice in Wonderland on there.

  3. Just looked at Grammar Girl and that looks fun - thanks for sharing this.