Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Apple and the Arrow Unit Study

We have almost finished our reading of the Apple and the Arrow.

I used the Unit Study at Homeschool Share for the oldest two and we made a Lap n-Note for this book using the Homeschool Share resources.

Rabbit Trails we went on

1. Medieval Times including castles and knights.
We briefly looked at the Medieval Times using the following books and resources:
Living in a Castle by Rupert Matthews - a very simple castle book we borrowed from the library.
Castles, Pyramids and Palaces (an Usborne book) This was another library book. There was really only one page on Castles in this book but the whole book was interesting if you wanted to see different buildings.
Pendragon Castle (a Panorama Pop-up book). This was a fun one as it popped up and showed a real castle in Britain.

Medieval worksheets here including parts of armour.
Notebook pages from Robin Hood Unit Study at Homeschool Share which can be used with this topic.

This page will take you to all the Homeschool Share Connections for the Middle Ages. If you are looking for books to read that cover that time period this is a good starting place.

Zebra wants to make a dress-up. I think she was really after making a knight costume! But here are some of the sites I found while looking for ideas.
Medieval Lady Costume (scroll down)
Lots of ideas here for authentic dress-ups including how to braid a crown (I am not showing Zebra this link or guess what I will be doing EVERY morning for the next few weeks!)

Setting up a Dress-up Box

Games for the Workbox
Medieval Tic Tac Toe
There are games and so much more at this site

Other People's Lapbooks
Medieval History Lapbook from Dawn @ My home sweet home. Here is the Medieval History Unit Study Dawn taught.

2. Apples
We used the cards from Montessori for Everyone to show and learn the life cycle of an apple. This is a free download (On this page - under Botany Life Cycle of an Apple). Zebra used these cards to make a circle wheel book to go in her Lap n-Note showing the life cycle.

Here are all the Apple Connections at Homeschool Share - this is a good starting point if you are looking for apple books to read.

Other People's Apple Lapbooks/Lap n-Notes:
Apple Lapbook @ Albright-News
A is for apple from Ami @ walking by the way. This has perfect ideas for a preschooler.
Work Box Activities:
For Bunny I had a apple alphabet match puzzle (From Child Care Land Scroll down to Apple Alphabet Puzzles). We used only the letters she had learnt so far and had to match the capital to the lower case.

Apple Tree Maths Mat from Homeschool Share (under Preschool Workboxables or Math Workboxes) There is also a apple file folder game here too

More Resources:
I did not use these but want to save them as I think we will use them the next time we study the Middle ages in more detail.
This homeschooling Mum has collected HUNDREDS of links on the middle ages all on one page. How great is that
Build a castle activity (older children).
A good read on toys in the middle ages.
Games played in the middle ages.

Live and Learn has a apple lapbook - I am not really impressed with their lapbooks as most of the pictures are colour and we don't have colour printer at home and if you print them black and white they come in shades of grey and are hard for the kids to colour. It is free though so it might be of interest to someone else.


  1. What a comprehensive post! Thanks for the link!

  2. I stumbled across your blog while researching a good price to sell our Sonlight 4/5. I can't wait to look at all your postings. We are going to the annual Renaissance Festival next month. This will be a great unit study for us before then. Thanks for all the links and information! ;-)