Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sonlight LA 1– Beginning to Read

We are working our way through this LA with Duckie so this page will continue to grow as we make and use extra things to go with our Sonlight Program.

Please note you do not need to make extra things – Sonlight does provide worksheets for every week but we wanted them to be in the HWOT (Handwriting With Out Tears) format and Duckie wanted some pictures to make them more exciting. We are also using THRASS so our edits to Sonlight will reflect that use.

For the year:

I have found a small whiteboard essential for spelling – mistakes are rubbed out straight away so there is not chance of wrong spelling becoming stuck in the brain. Plus no extra paper to file and keep and a white board is lots of fun!

Word cards – You can download the sight word cards from Sonlight here. I have made word cards for the spelling words too.

Weeks 1-10 Download from Homeschool Launch here.

I also made a weekly spelling List. I did this in one hit so you can download the entire years list here at Homeschool Launch. I use these along with SpellQuizzer to help Duckie review her spelling words for the week. Download from Homeschool Launch here.

Mini Alphabet Cards – we laminated these and then stuck a magnet on the back. We use them instead of the go-fish cards and also with some of the activity sheets I altered (more about them later) Download them here at Homeschool Launch. You can also use the ones that Confessions of a Homeschooler has made to go with her letter of the week curriculum and just add magnetic backing to them.

mini alphabet 1

Below are the links to each week as we complete it with more downloads and links for each week.

Language and Thinking by Ruth Beechick and Jeannie Nelson has lots and lots of extras to go with it so I am going to make that a separate post. See Language and Thinking

Week 1

Week 2


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