Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ask Mr Bear Rowed Feb 2011

This is the first time that Monkey has rowed this book – the other girls have all done it at some time in the past. So it was all new to her. We started the year with this book because she had just had her birthday and Daddy’s birthday was this week so it was good jumping off point for thinking about what to get him and making cards for him. The older girls are also reading Charlotte’s Web so this week was Farm Theme week for Monkey.

Things we did:

Made a Lap-n-Note – All of the mini books were from Homeschool Share (Ask Mr Bear lapbook) I did make a cover for the lapbook using the cover of the book you can download that here from HS launch and I also made a matching game which you can down load from HS Launch here. This will be added to our Ask Mr Bear book bag so that anyone who wants can pull out the game and play it – it is the same as the one in Monkey’s folder, except she coloured the cards in. I Laminated the whole page and the pictures and then added velcro dots to the backs so they don’t get lost.

Ask Mr Bear Lap n noteMr Bear Match game

We walked like the animals

Walk like the animals

Played with a rice sensory work box filled with the animals from the story and a Mum and boy. Wombat was fascinated with the little boy – love that his hat came on and off!

Ask Mr bear sensory box

Monkey was given a farm animal sticker book for her birthday which I put into her workbox this week and she enjoyed putting the stickers on the right pages.

Ask Mr Bear - farm book

We also watched a Playschool DVD – one episode a day on farm animals. All the girls enjoyed this and I think I might get more playschool DVD’s. We don’t have TV so this is one thing they have not had.

We also started an Animal Classification Chart. As we are discussing animals this year we plan to sort them onto the chart. Below is the empty chart in our Science corner of the room. You can download our Ask Mr bear Animal Classification cards from HS Launch here. The animal classification chart labels are from Confessions of a Homeschooler’s Expedition Earth: Discovering God’s Animals. This is her post on her animal wall.

Animal Classification Chart

It was a fun week one for Monkey.

Added 7/4/11 - Homeschool creations has a birthday preschool Pack to download here . This would be a perfect addition to a birthday theme when rowing Ask Mr Bear.


  1. This is so great! I'm getting ready to row Ask Mr. Bear. Thanks for your resources, links, photos, etc. I'm more excited to do the book now, after finding this post!

  2. HS Launch is no longer a website. Do you have the matching game anywhere else for download?