Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sonlight LA 1 Week 1

In the folder for week 1 is the following


# A copy of the weekly spelling list

#Weekly spelling cards

#Sonlight Activity Cards

#An activity for activity #7 (see below)

#copywork sheet – one is laminated which I write on for her to copy and a blank one for her to write on.


Here are my downloads and notes for week 1 – you NEED the Sonlight Instructors Guide to use these downloads.  I am not affiliated with Sonlight in anyway I just love their books and use their program as my base to homeschool my 5 kids.

You do not need to add extra to the Sonlight Program but we do because it works better this way for our family.  Please note that I am using HWOT (Handwriting With Out Tears) paper for all my downloads.


Spelling -  

All spelling words – download here from Homeschool Launch

Find a word for this weeks spelling list – download here from Homeschool Launch


Phonics Activities -

#1 – we used a ‘th’ page made to go with the THRASS chart, then discovered that THRASS had produced a PHONICS WORD BANK book.  So I won’t be making any more THRASS worksheets (unless I really, really need to Smile). 

#2 we used the magnetic letters I made.  You can download them here from Homeschool Launch

#4 we are using the THRASS Phonics Word bank book instead of making a chart.

#7 If your child does not like writing use the sheet I made and either get them to cut out the letters and paste on to the chart. (WORKBOX HINT: Think about what you want to accomplish with this activity and if cutting is not part of it do the cutting yourself before hand Smile) or laminate the chart and use a cookie tray and magnetic letters to “write” the answers. Download at Homeschool Launch here.


Creative Expression -

Creative Expression Activity sheets week 1  – download here from homeschool Launch

Writing Activity - Pat the Rat Notebook page download here from Homeschool Launch

Extra Activities for the Workbox this week

‘Penguin Learns at words’ at Sonflower School house. It is no #185 January 2010

Sonflower sight words’ at File Folder Fun


To see all our weeks with Sonlight Language Arts 1 go HERE


  1. Thanks for all of those printables. I need to grab those sight words ones from FFF they will work well.

    I have a link list to gather Aussie Homeschool Blogs all in one place, I wanted to invite you to add your blog -

  2. Hi! I just came across your blog. I love the add ons for this curriculum. I can't seem to find the rest of the weeks - have you stopped creating the printables? If not, could you please direct me to the link. I love the word find and the cut and paste fill in sentences with correct word.
    Thank you,