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Sonlight K Introduction to World Cultures

Here is a list of all the links we have used or made when reading the books. As we are currently working our way through the books this year I will be slowly adding to this page so check back often for more updates. In looking at the latest Sonlight catalogue I have just realized that the core had been updated some books are not in the new core so I will be providing links to some books that are from the old core as that is what we have at this stage. Books with a (new) next to them are ones that are in the new core and not in the old.

Please do not be overwhelmed by all the extra things we have added (we don't do them all ) Plus I am adding extra to make K books work for older children as I am doing 4, 5, 7 and 9 year olds together to make it easier for me :0 Some of the girls are doing these stories for the second time so we are going into more depth, if you are using K with younger children some of these activites may not work for you.

Copywork pages to match 'Sing the word from A to Z' can be downloaded from here
If you are looking for Lapbooks or other younger children's activities to go along with your bible Stories look at Bible Story Printables or look at Christian Preschool Printables or little blots

Lots of free Notebooking Pages for Bible can be found here at if you are wanting to add to your bible studies.

Language and Thinking for Young Children by Ruth Beechick & Jeannie Nelson. All my links for this book are here (This book should probably be in Language Arts K, but I have listed it here too.)

History and Geography
Free history timeline and other notebooking pages here at
Usborne Internet-Linked Children's Encyclopedia (New)
I Heard Good New Today (New)
Living Long Ago
This article has some good ideas on eating your way around the world. There are some ideas given as you read Living Long Ago but it wouldn't be hard to find and add more if you want to.
Wild Places

Hero Tales (This book is not in the 2010 Core K)
Free Missionary Notebooking Pages are here at There are some blank ones that would be perfect to record what ever you wanted to about the missionaries you studied.
Gladys Aylward
*For more info on foot binding read here I decided not to show this to my children as it made me feel sick but at least I can now explain to the girls how it was done.
I have been unable to find a DVD of 'The Inn of the Sixth Happiness' but from the reviews I have read the story line seems to stick closely to real life.
*Looking for images of Gladys for notebooking? Do a search for "gladys aylward pictures"
*Notebooking pages I made for Gladys Aylward here and here
*Hands of a Child has a lapbook called 'Christian Missionaries to Know ' item 1096 which includes both Gladys Aylward and George Muller along with others. (I was lucky enough to get this as a freebie at one stage and so we may use it as we read the book)
*Currclick has a freebie this week only for a mini unit study on Gladys Aylward.

The Apple and the Arrow
Lapbook here at Homeschool Share. There is SOOOO much here.
Here are all the things we did plus more when we read this book.

The Boxcar Children
Dolphin Adventures
Dolphin Treasures
Family Under the Bridge
Five True Dog Stories
A Grain of Rice
The House at Pooh Corner
The Hundred Dresses
In Grandma's Attic
James Herriot's Treasury for Children
Johnny Appleseed
The light at Tern Rock
The Llama Who had no Pajama
Mary on Horseback

My Father's Dragon
The girls have loved this book each time we have read it. So far we have read it twice and Zebra has lapbooked it twice (her choice!). There are 2 more books in this series Elmer and the Dragon and The dragons of Blueland. I would like to get these books but so far have not found them. The first time we read the book and lapbooked it I had to make all the bits for it. Now there is a fantastic lapbook at HSS, we used this the second time. Free lapbook at Homeschool Share
Lapbook example @ Walking by the Way.

The Real Mother Goose
Richard Scarry's Please and Thank You book
The Story about Ping
The Story of Dr Dolittle
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Twenty and Ten

Developmental Activities
week 2 - sorting buttons
week 3 - cutting with scissors
week 4 - Painting with string

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  1. I have three girls from China and collect antique lotus slippers. It is amazing that they would fit a (small) 2 or 3 year old ~ even the large 5 inch lotus shoes! There are very few older women still living in China from this era... a sad and unique subject about the different cultures in our world.
    I've enjoyed visiting!