Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Story about Ping

It has been awhile since we rowed this book. We have rowed it twice so far and it is always a favourite.

Here is a PDF of the whole book (note this link goes direct to the PDF). There is a huge list of books you can download here. Many FIAR titles can be found here (it is a huge list and you have to scroll for a while to find what you want!).

I love the idea of raising a duck as shared by Delightful Learning in Meet Ping. Zebra has raised a duckling before and would love to do it again.

The Story about Ping is a great story to introduce a continent box and begin collecting things about China.

Go-Along Books
#The little duck by Judy Dunn - as with all her books beautifully illustrated with photos and shows the growth of a duck.
#Alexander's Outing by Pamela Allen - An australian book about a little duck who gets lost when his mother takes the family for an outing. Shows pictures of famous Sydney Buildings. A good Aussie Go-along book!

Fun things to do:
#We always find some ducks to feed when we row this book.

#Learn 5 little ducks song. The words can be found here if you don't know them.
Serving Pink Lemonade has some very cute little ducks to use with this song on her magnetic board post.
Monkey loves this YouTube Video of the song

About the Author - Marjorie Flack - She also wrote the Angus books which are used in the B4FIAR stories - Angus and the Ducks would be a good go-along if you are looking for books to tie in for younger children.

About the Illustrator - Kurt Wiese

More Ping Resources - Lapbooks
Ping Lapbook at Homeschool Share.

If you are a visual person you might like to see a video of a ping lapbook here

Another lapbook and what this family did shared here at Barracuda's Corner.

We also did the Hands of a Child Story about Ping Lapbook.

Duck things

Some ideas at Handbook of Nature Study for the Outdoor hour relating to birds and ducks.

D is for duck and other activities at first school

Cute fluffy duck craft at msss crafts

Life cycle of a duck (Link to PDF) Note this is at Sparklebox.

Posters showing duck growth (Link to PDF) Note this is at Sparklebox.

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