Thursday, July 22, 2010

Japan Swap

There is a yahoo group for Montessori Continent Box Swaps. This is the 3rd swap we have been a part of with this group.

When we studied Japan earlier this year, we contacted one of the ladies on the group who lives in Japan and asked if she would do a swap with us. Kim said yes and her parcel arrived today.

Kim has included so many things!! The girls were thrilled and so was I with all the extra little bits she put in and did.
Here is what we received in our parcel:

Above: 1 - little envelopes for each child with their name written in Japanese, and containing coins and notes - you can imagine how this impressed the kids!
2- fans and chopstick holders

Above: 1 - Japanese toys and kites. 2 - model of Tokyo tower and info.

Above: 1 - Tea towel and coasters (?),
2 - Pack of cards - which Kim has written all the words on for us.

Above: 1- map and the photo is not very clear but Kim has included a handwritten map showing where she lives. 2 - postage stamps.

Above: 1- postcards. 2 - maps

Above: 1- A huge flag. 2- packet of different sorts of paper.

This was fantastic swap - thanks to Kim and we hope she was please with the bits we sent her from Australia. Kim asked us for some specific things and not a true continent box swap for her, which we were happy to do. These things will make our Asia continent box really interesting. What an exciting way to learn about the Continents and how other people live.


  1. Lol, wow thanks for posting about our swap. It's so great to see the kids happy faces. The ? Coasters are actually a traditional Japanese card game thats kids play. I will let you know what it's called as soon as hubby gets home.

  2. Oh my god! I am so jealous!! I am in the process of making our Asia box and finding interesting bits and pieces about Asia is not that easy in Ireland!!!! Never mind. Thanks for sharing all this with us. It looks wonderful!