Friday, January 15, 2010

Sonlight LA 2

Sonlight LA 2 Reading with Easy Readers
Here I am going to keep an ongoing list of all the extra activities we have used with this program. I am hoping to make Sonlight more work box friendly. Keep checking back through out the year as we update it as we work through it. You will need the Sonlight Language Arts 2 IG in order to fully understand the activities listed.

Reader Book List
The Beginner's Bible
Pompeii: Buried Alive!
Owl at Home
Frog and Toad are Friends
Mouse Tales
Greg's Microscope
Hill of Fire
Frog and Toad all Year
Daniel's Duck
Amelia Bedelia
Nate the Great
Frog and Toad Together
The Big Balloon Race
The Fire Cat
The Sword in the Tree
Wagon Wheels
The Titanic: Lost ... And Found

(Spelling) Word cards for first 4 weeks here

Week 1

(Spelling/Phonics) Compound Words File Folder game (game to use instead of the Activity)
(Writing Activity sheet) Worksheet for child to use when brainstorming and using Descriptive Words here

Week 2

Zebra really struggled with the spelling words this week. There were just too many long words for her to deal with.

**NOTE** (Added 14/4/10) We have persisted until week 5 with the spelling words but are giving up on the Sonlight spelling words part of LA2 for the moment so will not be adding anymore spelling activities. I don't have the finances at the moment to add in either the Explode the code or the Wordly Wise books. Instead we will be doing our own spelling activities based around the THRASS chart.

(Writing Activity Sheet) Verbs. There are lots of activities listed in this squidoo lens on Verbs.

(Writing Assignment) Worksheet for Like What? Assignment here

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

(Writing Assignment/Activity Sheet) Book Report - I made 2 sheets to go with this activity either a plain worksheet for use with the three little pigs story (here) or an Accordion Book report

Week 6

(Writing Activity) Journal Entry. Some ideas to make a beautiful journal that your child will treasure

(Writing Activity) Self-Assessment. Worksheet here

Week 7

Week 8

(Writing Activity) Communication. If you are wanting more information on the history of communication check out Wikipedia History of Communication scroll down until you get to 'history of telecommunication'

(Writing Assignment) Address book: Create an address book here are some quick and easy ways to make an address book - calendersquick, Kaboose, Donna Young and more Donna Young here

And my favourite: Correspondence a princess/prince mission. This lapbook would be perfect for teaching your child communication (topics include - How to use a phone and safety, How to write a letter, Personal address and phone book, email etiquette, and much more) for the princesses and for the princes

Week 9

Week 10

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