Friday, April 9, 2010

Continent Boxes

What is a continent box?
It is a Montessori tool that is used to aid children in their learning about the world continents. There is a good explanation and photos at Montessori for Everyone. At the bottom of the post there are links to more continent boxes.

My favourite link is from Serendipity Blog here. If you scroll down she includes a very good general notion of what to put into each box.

Our Continent Boxes
We are slowly putting together our continent boxes and I found this site that has travel guides for most cities in the world. We will be adding some of these into our boxes as they fit with our learning.

There is a yahoo group continentswap for those who would like to participate in swaps and collect things for their continent boxes. We are currently engaged in 2 swaps one with a family in France and one with a teacher in Japan.

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