Friday, April 9, 2010

Wombats operation

I have not been posting much the last few weeks because I have been occupied with Wombat. He was born with Infantile Esotropia. 4 weeks ago we had to travel to Perth (a 7 1/2 hour + drive) so he could undergo an operation on both eyes in the hope of straightening them. So far we have had a fairly good result, although in the past week we have noticed that when he is tired or unwell the eyes automatically turn in.

The first photo is in hospital before surgery. The second is at home a week after surgery

Already Wombat is walking more and his gross motor development is improving, we are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for his overshadowing hand, and kindness is granting our little man a fairly successful operation so far and also thankful to Dr Tandon and the Staff at Princess Margaret Hospital.
Consequently my posts have been far and few between BUT I am working on a lot of new projects. I hope to have more THRASS linked resources up soon and also some continent resources to share.

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