Thursday, June 2, 2011

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

bear hunt

It has been ages since we rowed this book.  So long ago that I don’t have a record of it!  Only have records for the last 2 years – the rest are in storage in another state!  So in preparation for a re-row here are some resources I have found around the web.


Other Homeschoolers share their Rowing of the book

Joyful Mother of 6 Children rowed going on a bear hunt here.  I LOVE her sensory tub ideas, in fact I love all her ideas!

Delightful learning shares here.  I love that she shares a video of the author reading the book.

The Bough Family make a bear hunt guide here.

Workbox ideas (all of the ideas below would be great additions to a workbox)

HomeschoolShare has a Bear Hunt Lapbook on their Resources page  More ideas from the HomeschoolShare Message board here

Circle Time Poster for We’re going on a Bear hunt here.  This would be perfect for children to use to retell the story.

Patterns for We’re going on a bear hunt from Kidzclub (can download in color or black and white)

more patterns for felt board this time from MakingLearningFun*com, they also have a 3D map for the story, and an emergent reader.

And a Story pack (Please note this is from Sparklebox – see blog post here first )

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