Thursday, June 2, 2011


I know that a little while ago there was some debate on line about using Sparklebox.  In case you are not aware the owner of the website is a convicted pedophile.  I link to Sparklebox resources on a regular basis and at this stage I do not intend to stop this but I want people to know so they can choose to or not use them.

The story is listed here and here

I have no intention of debating the issue raised here.  This post is only so people can make an informed decision before they choose to use the resources. 

If you feel uncomfortable using the resources here is a list of other sites providing similar free resources as Sparklebox does.


Mrs Pancake

SEN Teacher

First-School – not as colourful but one of the first sites I ever used and still come back to use it.

Best Primary Teaching Resources – not all are free but most are.


I will try to add more to this page as I find them.

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