Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A-Rhyme-A-Week Site

A-Rhyme-A-Week is a phonological awareness program featuring 30 different rhymes – It is a 30 week program and covers the following “rimes” -ack, –ail/ale, –ain, –ake, –ame, –an, –ap, –at, –ate, –aw, –ay, –eat, –ell, –est, –ice, –ick, –ide, –ight, –ill, –in, –ine, –ing, –ink, –it, –ock, –oke, –op, –ore, –ot, –ump. (note these are listed in alphabetical order and not in the order presented.

There are free downloads for each week and they look like a fun and easy free way to add to your child’s learning of some of these difficult sounds. Zebra is very visual and I am sure this will help her a lot.

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