Sunday, May 30, 2010


This study was a rabbit trail from our Japan Study that went along with "A pair of Red Clogs".

Did you know that Japan has over 100 volcano's?? So of course you have to study volcano's.

We (of course) made a volcano. We did this as a homeschool group activity. One lovely mum made a play dough volcano at home that we exploded and then the kids made a paper mache one that we exploded on our Japan day. I must admit that the explosions were a bit disappointing. It looks good but if you were expecting a big explosion that did not happen with ours (we used bicarb soda, dish washing liquid, red food colouring and vinegar)

After reading This blog . I want to try again but the opposite way to what we did - we added the vinegar last maybe adding it first and adding the bicarb last without the dish washing liquid might make it better - will have to try it.

Making our volcano has fantastic tutorials giving a few different versions of volcano's to make, and it contains pictures for those of us who really need a visual guide :)
Our Playdough volcano exploding (it did look good, even it it didn't blow huge)

Lapbooks, mini books and LapN'notes
Volcano Lapbook at Homeschool Share

More fun hands on things to make:
Extra books we read and resources used
The magic school bus blows its top DVD
We have a number of National Geographic and Discovery Channel DVD's and we watched all that had involved volcano's.
The magic school bus chapter book #15 Voyage to the Volcano
The hill of fire (Sonlight Reader 2)
Pompeii: buried alive (Sonlight Reader 2)
We used this volcano web quest, which was lots of fun and saved me from hunting all over the web for the information.

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