Friday, November 13, 2009

Chore Charts

Along with workboxes to make your children more independent Sue talks about Chore Charts. There are lots of different interpretations of Chore Charts out there just as there are many different workboxes :)

Here are a few of my favourites.

Chore packs we have these and I love them. Problem is we now have too many kids and not enough chore packs and I need to make more cards for them. This idea could be adapted by using Sue's workbox schedule strip as a chore chart schedule strip.

I love Linkthis idea for non readers - a get ready for bed chart and best of all there is a gold star when you complete each thing. Here are some card I made to download to make your own chart. Although I think her idea of using photos would make it more personal for kids.

Above are the charts we use (for Morning and Evening Chores) The first one is for the older girls you can download a copy of this one here. The other one is for the younger girls. I didn't save a copy of that one. The velcro dot on each one is to stick a small reminder on to change the sheets on the day I wash so the girls remember not to make their bed that day but to pull the sheets off!
I like the idea of W.I.L.D. cards here (W.I.L.D. stands for Walk In, Look and Do) from No Place Like Home

I like the way this chart at Pumpkin Patch has all the jobs on and you just select the one's the child needs to do today.

I WANT a Do-It door (idea from Being Made New)

Someone (if it was you please let me know so I can give you credit) suggested a morning and nightime chore "list" that kids (all pre-readers) can use their five fingers for.
5 morning chores - their 5 B's. They are...Bed, Breakfast, Brush (hair and teeth), Be dressed, Behavior (take a minute to think about what kind of behavior they need for the day)

For night time... 5 T's .... Toys (pick up), Tidy (whatever is left out- clothes, etc), Teeth, Talk (to God- prayer time), To Bed.

The chores all start with "B" or "T" so it makes it easy to remember- and they know they need to do 5- one for each finger :) Very simple and no a poster or chart to maintain . For very littlies you could make a poster for a reminder until they remember it.

And More Charts
Very cute but practical chart from ModEco Kids I really love her reasoning for the heading "How I contribute to my family" After all who really like to do Chores - just the name puts you off! :)
Coloured by the kids from The Hollands
Using a pocket chart here

What about rewards - the jury is still out on whether kids should be paid for chores or expected to do them as part of being a family. from Family Fun Magazine make some "Daddy Dollars" (picture of daddy pasted on a template of a dollar bill). There would be 2 waiting on the counter for each child in the morning but they would be gone by the time set. Dollars could be redeemed at "Mummy Mart" (pre-made list decided on) things that don't cost money.

Looking for pictures to make your own chores charts? Check out the links below.

free chore chart at CurrClick

make a chart at DLTK

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