Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art in the box

I must confess that art is not my favourite "box". I worked in childcare for too long and hated the emphasis on having to produce art work to send home so Mum and Dad could have something to show for the day. Plus I dislike paint and the mess it makes.

This past year we have been lucky enough to have organised art classes with a group of other homeschoolers. We have done drawing (girls LOVED this and learnt lots of teckniques to make their drawings look more real) and basketry (another success especially weaving) unfortunately I was finding it too hard as it clashed with JJ's sleep time. Maybe next year when he is a bit older and if we are still here we will join in again.

So what can you put in the box to cover art?
Harmony Art Mom has sketch ideas every tuesday. You could just print out the idea and stick it in the box every week. I love all the Charlotte Mason art ideas. My dream is one day to do art this way.

There are some monthly artist studies posted here. This could be adapted to workboxing - choose one a month to study and study it once a week.

Elementary Art lessons here

Don't forget that when doing nature study and other notebooking activities art is quite often covered.

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