Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Sonlight Catalogue has arrived

How exciting – my catalogue has arrived – we are in Australia so assuming those in America have had theirs for a little while.  As we packed to go away over the weekend I glanced quickly through it, thought about sneaking it into my suitcase and reading it but decided in the end to focus on having time out from school and everything and enjoying some rare family time out.  We had a wonderful time.

Esterance 1

And now to read my Catalogue –

In my quick glance through before we left, I noticed that the Cores have been renamed but I also noticed how much clearer the catalogue is to make sense of. Smile  After patiently showing friends how to order their Sonlight orders for the first time and how to work out what they needed. I feel that Sonlight has made it so much easier to make sense of.  I am also excited to see that All about spelling has been added to the Sonlight range.  I have seen so many good reviews for this program and so really want to try it.  So off to make a list for next year! Smile

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the new catalog. I'm glad that our efforts have made it clearer and easier to understand. May your planning be made easier by the latest catalog [smile].