Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Science Week 1

15 Feb 11 (9)We have completed week 1 of Sonlight Science 1 and the girls love it, and so does Mum.  It is sooooo easy.  We read the book and then we do the activity sheet.  We watch the DVD and then we do the experiment how simple is that!


This week the Discover and Do lesson was on Magnets so we did a workbox activity with it.  So simple – a box of different things and a magnet.  I made up an activity sheet to go into our Science Notebook.  They choose 5 items and stuck the picture of the item onto their sheet and then made a guess as to whether the magnet would stick or not and then tested their guess and crossed out the sad face if they got it right or the happy face if their guess was wrong.  So simple and easy to do.

You can download the Activity Sheet here at Homeschool Launch


Monkey did spend a while exploring with the magnets after doing her sheet.  The other girls were happy to do the experiment and move on.  This would also make a great waiting station activity.


15 Feb 11 (11)The set up of the box was specific for a reason – the focus of the box was learning about magnets so I had pre-cut all the answers and the child just had to find the right one and stick it on.  I used little glass containers (from Ikea) to hold the answer pieces.  I have found that the less complicated and simple looking the set up the more the kids are attracted to go and do the activity.  I love the way Montessori sets up the environment as I feel kids are attracted to the simplicity and organization of an environment.


  1. That does sound like it was nice and easy for you.

  2. We're doing SL Sci 1 also. We're on week 24. Do you have your children write their own answers on their own sheets? We have been doing it orally, and I'm debating on when to have them write themselves. What do you think?

  3. It depends on the age of the kids - Zebra age 10 writes her own, the others Duckie (8) and Bunny(7)tell me the answer and I write it for them. To me it depends on the focus of the activity. The focus of these sheets is not writing but comprehension. So unless the child is keen to write I wouldn't worry about it - that's my personal oppinion, others may feel different.